About Us - Our Values and History


Our People and Our Culture

      • Honest, smart, direct, professional
      • Interested and experienced in how business works
      • Believe that business is fun and exciting
      • Creative and full of ideas

What We Offer You

      • Business consultancy like you've never experienced before
      • Lots of choice: board game workshop, consultancy, our six month course, MapItAndGO on-line system
      • The opportunity to work with like minded individuals who are committed to helping you grow your business

Our Customers

What we do is NOT for everyone. If you are completely happy with your business just the way it is, then great! If not, then read on...
If you match the profile of a typical MapItAndGO customer you are:-
      • Constantly seeking ways to do things that bit better
      • Believe that everyone in their team has strengths, and team work is about using those strengths
      • Ambitious (maybe very ambitious)
      • Believe that consistency in business, and keeping your promises, is of the utmost importance
      • Understand the value of working on your business, as well as in your business

Our History

MapItAndGO is a product of Trivex Systems Ltd. Trivex is a flexible software and consultancy house with its origins in the late 1990s as part of Software Paradise Ltd. Trivex became a separate company in 2002 and we began developing MapItAndGO at the same time.

The concept of MapItAndGO was originally as software that runs as an invisible thread through your company, meaning nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Our boardgame was created as a fun fast way of setting up the software, bringing teams together in a mini workshop to look at what really happens in business, and more importantly, what could be happening.

It quickly became apparent that playing the boardgame was adding huge value to our customers. Our workshops give a 'hover' view of their business, and using the business consultancy skills of the MapItAndGO team, we jointly come up with ideas for growing and developing their business. We also found that our methods are not for everyone; we work best with businesses that want to get ahead, and are only too pleased to have some professional help along the way!

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